Inspired by the reggae and dub soundsystem culture, JAH Star Soundsystem is a "new" soundsystem on the island of Cyprus, based in Limassol. It took us around 3 years to build the first part of the sound, since everything is self-funded and the speaker boxes are hand-made and custom built.

After many years of playing conscious reggae, roots reggae and dub music we have seen that the way forward is the way of the soundsystem.

Our aim is to use the sound not only for entertainment purposes, but also for pointing out important social and spiritual matters. We want through the music to uplift the people attenting and to create a meditative vibe which gives strength and guidance to I&I.

JAH Star Soundsystem started as a solo project by selector RED I. After some time Humble Lion joined the soundsystem and we have been moving forward ever since.

Today even more people are involved and support the sound in different ways.